By providing public access to off-grid clean energy and outdoor workstation, place of leisure and social gathering space that enhances convenience and experience in outdoor public spaces



By manufacturing a commercial clean tech product that is scalable, repeatable and applicable in any environment. Bringing new visibility and fresh perspective to renewable energy

By spurring economic growth in commercial retail spaces like shopping malls, business & tourist districts, and casinos. Adding value to exterior infrastructure and commercial real estate in city residences

About Solarpocha

About us


Oluwatobi Oyinlola is a Nigerian-born inventor and entrepreneur. He is a Software Innovator at Intel, Embedded System Engineer, and IoT Evangelist. He is currently implementing Pay-As-You-Cook technology to promote the use of affordable LPG in Africa. Recently he has been working in the avionics sector with rLoop Incorporated (a company sharing the dream of realizing the fifth mode of transportation initiated by Elon Musk, i.e. the Hyperloop) applying some of his experience in Robotics. Oluwatobi was recognized as one of the Most Influential Young Nigerians in 2018.


SolarPocha, the world’s first solar-powered workstation equipped with #IoT technology with the objective of facilitating students' community and engagement without having to worry about power and the internet.

SolarPocha is an outdoor solar charging station that provides off-grid clean energy to power mobile and portable devices, LED lighting, Wi-Fi, and IoT booking capabilities in the form of a canopied table with seating. Maximizing the sustainability, utility, and economic value of outdoor spaces.



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